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COVT - Claudia Complex
Cecile McMillan died years ago, or at least that's what it feels like sometimes. I don't think I can ever forgive Dorian for what those dreams did to my brother. Making me of all people torture him. My death was bad enough. Why did he have to endure it? Why can't my turning be the worst thing he had to deal with? Joss can't stand mom and dad anymore. I can't either, to tell the truth. That's why I went away with Patty, because she's like how mom used to be. But, what Joss doesn't realize is that he is just as broken.
When he was being trained as a Slayer, they broke his spirit. But those dreams using my image broke him mind and soul. I can see it in his eyes. I counted the days I was away from him and I did the math in my head. He would have been starting tenth grade the year he saw the new me. I don't even hate that he tried to kill me at first. I wasn't upset that he was too scared to save me. I hate that he looked at me like I was a ghost. I hate that I was wearing the same kind of
:iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 1 3
High school had never given me a sense of ideal appearance or a moment of having all eyes on me in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind outfit. Now, within my dorm, in front of my mirror, I finally have a use for make-up. Disguised as someone else, I feel sensational at last.
Anime, horror, and academics had never melted together so perfectly before my eyes. The characters that some writer brought into this world, with my envious idolization, can be brought forth with the right amount of fake blood and wigs. L from Death Note. Grell from Black Butler. Prince Baka from Level E. Maybe combine looks a bit? L’s hair with Jeff the Killer’s Chelsea Smile? Or just make myself look like a creep for some extra fun?
While visiting my father over Spring Break, the only thing that truly stayed with me was food. In Maryland, you basically had McDonald’s, Arby’s, or you cook for yourself. His new home in Kentucky was restaurant to restaurant to restaurant to restaur
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Miscellaneous Poetry III
“Moving Forward”
Music in each beat
With five small dancers
To hold upright
All that sways above
In an unconscious state.
A course outer coating
Will either pass over each obstruction
Or add aching rudiments to your days.
Either way
Each beat will be a routine risk.
A jab to your face,
To your stomach,
To your chest,
To push you further away.
A simple bend and fold
To be my ultimate defense.
I don’t want to hurt you
But what else to do when provoked?
When something smells off
You adjust soon enough.
To keep you closed,
So much taste is lost.
You are needed to be your
Flexible yet sensitive self
Because when eyes and ears
Are not enough
Your honest perceptions
Will tell me so much.
“On My Own, For The First Time”
she traced along the side of the river, with its
subtle crash of an orchestra in place of collapsing waves
only for it to bore her, giving her many silent fits.
You know these kinds of fits, ri
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Draw Your Double
Doppelgangers are a part of the hidden history natures mixes with the supernatural. It is said that meeting your own doppelganger is an omen for misfortune or death. Abraham Lincoln is one of the few famous enough to note such an account. It is said that while he was running for his second term, he rested uneasily one night; he saw his own double from the mirror, standing at the other side of the room, watching with a sickly expression. His wife knew what this meant. As we all know, he never finished his second term in office.  
Unique and disturbing examples of historical doubles followed in the young lady’s presentation. However, Janet was surprised when the other girl finished her PowerPoint with a sheet being passed out to the rest of the class. It was a simple white piece of paper with the words “Draw Your Double” written on the front with a blank template in the middle. It was a simple form with absolutely no features, giving Janet the impression of
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Fantasizing with Quadrants Meme by MoonSpider95 Fantasizing with Quadrants Meme :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 2 0 Homestuck Me by MoonSpider95 Homestuck Me :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 5 0 Vladimir Tod Valentine by MoonSpider95 Vladimir Tod Valentine :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 4 9 The Black Mokona Did It Better by MoonSpider95 The Black Mokona Did It Better :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 1 0 [Corpse Party] MayuxMorishige Valentine by MoonSpider95 [Corpse Party] MayuxMorishige Valentine :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 20 6 My 10 Hottest Anime Guys!!!! - 2014 by MoonSpider95 My 10 Hottest Anime Guys!!!! - 2014 :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 8 5
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[LEMON] BakaxReader - The Ring: Part 2 :iconmoonspider95:MoonSpider95 2 1


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